C3 Working meeting in Kaunas (Lithuania)




Monday 05/20/2019
8:30h Opening ceremony
10:00 Trade Fair of Lithuanian curd cheese
Tuesday 05/21/2019
9:00h Visiting ASU university (Lithuanian University of Agriculture)
11:30h Visit to a local cow farm
15:00h Workshop 'Making Lithuanian Curd Cheese'
Wednesday 05/22/2019
9:00h Presentation about consumption habits in Lithuania
9:30h Teams present leaflets of each product
10:30h Each team shows their radio spots
12:30h School, region, country presentation: Kaunas (Lithuania)
13:30h Working on common survey
Thursday 05/23/2019
8:30h Presentation of the possible places used as warehouses and a strategy of implementation of local commercial activity for our five products
9:15h Presentation the promotional video of each product, including corporate image, logo and name
10:45h Making a common promotional video with our five products and our corporate image
14:00h Visit to the proposed Lithuanian warehouse (NTG Logistics LTD)
Friday 05/24/2019
8:30h Project meeting (Evaluation of LTTA3 and Planning LTTA4 in Poland)