C4 Working meeting in Smardzewice (Poland)




Monday 09/30/2019
8:00h Preparing to the products fair
9:00 Presentation of the school, village, country and consumption habits for Polish people
11:00h Trade fair of Polish bread
13:00 Presentation of students' works: decalogue (principles and values of the company)
Tuesday 10/01/2019
8:00h Presentation of students' works: company organization chart, charter of rights and duties of workers, evaluation sheet for selecting workers according their social network profiles, letter of presentation, europass Curriculum Vitae and a job interview video
13:00h Transnational Company Workshop: a job interview video among students from 5 countries and decalogue for 'Europe in one bite'
14:30h Coordinators meeting (Planning LTTA5 in Romania)
Wednesday 10/02/2019
7:15h A trip to Warsaw
13:30h Visit to The Old Town
Thursday 10/03/2019
7:15h A trip to Łódź
Friday 10/04/2019
8:30h Workshop 'making bread'
12:00h A trip to Olimpic Preparation Centre in Spała Sulejowski Lake Blue Springs