ZSP w Smardzewicach

  • Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny in Smardzewice consists of preschool-aged 3-6 and primary school aged 6-15. There are about 300 pupils and 26 members of staff. The facility is located in the attractive village situated near Sulejowski Lake in the middle of Poland, about 100km from Warsaw. It encompasses students surrounding villages: Smardzewice, Twarda, Tresta and Karolinów.

  • The school is opened for new projects of collaboration between European schools. One of our main goals is to improve the students’ level in foreign languages. Our students learn English, German or Russian. Our teachers use creative methods and new ICT tools in their work, some of them have ECDL certificates. Our students participate in various activities to protect cultural heritage of our region, such as folk band Mali Smardzewianie, and in many enterprising activities like organizing fairs or volunteering activities. As a small rural school, we place great emphasis on the importance of partnerships with our colleagues in Europe, and view them as an invaluable learning experience for all participants, particularly in the area of personal development, fostering long term friendships, developing tolerance and an understanding of other cultures.

  • We have some experience in project work and international cooperation (Erasmus+ and eTwinning).



  • Główna 10, 97-213, Smardzewice, Poland
  • www.zsp-smardzewice.edu.pl
  • zspsmardzewice@poczta.onet.pl
  • +48447108614; +48724700528
  • +48447108614