Scoala Gimnaziala Avram Iancu

  • Şcoala Gimnazială “Avram Iancu” is situated in the centre of Bistriţa, a nice town in the NorthWest of Transylvania, Romania. It is a school with almost 955 students aged 7 to 15. There are classes which follow the traditional educational system, but also two classes which follow the “step by step” alternative teaching method, and classes which follow other modern methods of teaching and learning. We have 66 primary and 26 secondary teachers, a school psychologist, a support teacher and a nurse.

  • We get involved in national or regional projects on different topics. Our students have been involved in environmental projects, recycling activities. There has been an important campaign in our school and town for protecting the environment, clean the forests and the river surrounding it. Our teachers have always got involved in extracurricular activities and projects.

  • Our school is proud to be part of many partnerships with other schools in the district, NGOs, School Directorate involving local crafts and traditions preservation. There is also a partnership with ROMBAT involving students’ acquiring entrepreneurship skills. Both teachers and students get involved in volunteering activities and charity. We have a tight collaboration with PRO ADO, an association concerned with children’s rights.



  • str. 1 Decembrie nr. 27-29, 420080, Bistrita, Romania
  • +40263213728; +40263211278
  • +40263213728